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Pupil pencil box made by PVC-free materials

Pupil pencil box made by PVC-free materials

Product Description

Feature: School bag/Kids bag
Style:PVC-free bags
Materials: PVC-free

Item: 06111088

Specification: Polyester 300D with sublimation print

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, also known as vinyl, a synthetic material commonly used for thousands of applications in addition to packaging, including toys, bottles, bedding, clothing and construction materials.

However, despite the material's versatility, it is also extremely hazardous to the environment. While PVC is strong and resistant to oil, weathering and flames, its durability also means that it is difficult to break down and biodegrade. The production of PVC creates dioxin, a dangerous poison that can lead to such health problems as cancer, endometriosis, neurological damage and birth defects, among others. 

So many companies and businesses are making the switch to RPET for their updated solutions, reducing the amount of hazardous waste produced by PVC and contributing to a healthier environment.

For specific products, there are already different alternatives, such as TPE, TPU, EVA, PEVA, etc.

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