Decomposable Ariaprene

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 A non-toxic synthetic rubber. 

 Easily decomposable, readily recyclable & hypo-allergenic. 


A few reasons why Ariaprene is the evolution of synthetic rubber:

+ decomposable

+ solvent-free

+ toxic-free

+ rubber and latex free

+ superior insulation

+ hypo-allergenic

+ colors

+ odor-free

+ stretch & compression

CPSIAPROP 65 & REACH compliant

Big brands use it:  Nike, Camelbak, Targus, Jordan......


+ decomposable

Traditional synthetic rubber requires temperatures of over 800 C to start decomposing. So there’s no way for it to break down and safely return to the planet – unless you happen to be burying it on Venus. Ariaprene allows for easy decomposition when it’s exposed to the kind of temperatures and moisture levels usually found in Earth’s landfills.

+ solvent-free

Most Ariaprene products are made with our patented solvent-free lamination process. No solvents mean no DMF, toluene or MEK, making safer products for you and for factory workers, as well as less pollution for the environment.

+ toxic-free

Ariaprene foam is certified to be 100% toxic-free. This means its free of chlorine, heavy metals, phthalates, lead and formaldehyde – which is more than we can say for most synthetic rubber products on the market.

+ rubber and latex free

Rubber and latex are common skin irritants often found in wetsuits, footwear and athletic gear. Ariaprene is a cleaner compound that is made with out these allergenics.

+ superior insulation

Ariaprene’s patented formulation makes our foams 10-40% better insulating than traditional synthetic rubbers.

+ hypo-allergenic

Ariaprene has been certified to be hypo-allergenic making it safe for next to skin applications because it’s completely free of rubber and latex.

+ colors

One of the unique characteristics of Ariaprene is that the foam can be colored. This opens up new customization possibilities, creating a visibly different product.


+ odor-free

No harsh chemical odor with Ariaprene, since it’s laminated with solvent-free adhesives.

+ stretch & compression

Replicating the stretch and compression of standard wetsuit material is one of Ariaprene biggest feats to date. We’re proud of the fact that our product is better for the environment without sacrificing performance!

+ light weight

Tests have shown Ariaprene to be anywhere from 20-40% lighter weight than comparable traditional synthetic rubber packages.

+ CPSIAPROP 65 & REACH compliant

These regulations were put in place to help limit and restrict the use of harmful toxins and carcinogens commonly used in manufacturing. Ariaprene is 3rd party certified to comply with these regulations.

+ closed cell

Ariaprene is a closed-cell foam, making the foam itself inherently water proof.

+ closed loop recycling

Usually there is a lot of waste when rubber products are being manufactured, but with Ariaprene, scraps are recycled into new Ariaprene, playground padding, planters and other products. See the process in action on our Scrap Recycling Video