Who Are We

We, Xiamen IGO Industrial Trade Co., Ltd., aim to help set up an eco-friendly lifestyle throughout the world.

Our company has run since September 2005, specialized in eco-friendly materials and dedicated to upgrade your purchase with sustainable fashion and green products of bags & cases.

As modern companies embrace greater responsibilities for environmental concerns, our customers are seeking resources to help them along that path. With the comprehensive menu of green solutions in the industry, we will help our customers achieve their environmental goals by providing eco-friendly bags & cases.  

We take pride in the supplying of bags & cases in recycled and sustainable materials, such as Seaqual, Repreve, Recycled Nylon, Recycled Cotton, Organic Canvas, bamboo fiber, PLA fiber (i.e. corn fiber), Bio-degradable and other latest environmentally friendly materials. 


Our Vision:

- To help set up an eco-friendly lifestyle throughout the world.

Our Missions:

- To upgrade your bags & cases with eco-friendly materials and in a sustainable way;

- To become a trusted OEM supplier and advisor, helping our customers achieve their environmental goals in procurement.


Our Values:

- Integrity

- Eco-consciousness

- Creativeness

- Perseverance

Our principles: 
- We are building our company with persistent exploring for eco-friendly materials and processes;  
- We pursue on doing more with less resources;   
- We ensure that the goods we supply are made in good safe working conditions at fair rates of pay;   
- We expect our employees to be self-motivated, ready to take on responsibilities and to work hard for our common goals.

Our team is young, creative, customer-oriented, and devoted in sustainable fashion and business. 

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As a service-oriented company, we focus on identifying, sourcing, and supplying eco-friendly products and services to targeted market segments. We will help you develop and expand your markets by the leading edge of applying eco-friendly materials on your new products. 

Meanwhile, our experienced staff are here to support you at local level, ensuring the successful implementation of your specific requirements.


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